About Us

In the books of Vedas, the word RODASI translates as coming together of heaven and earth. Inspired by this, our collection innovatively depicts the five elements of nature (panchabhootha) as purity, brightness, solidness, innovativeness and eternity for water, fire, earth, wind and sky respectively. It is auspicious as well as gorgeous to enhance the beauty of a Woman.

Creating unique and exclusive jadau jewellery, RODASI is a creative segment that seeks to bring to its clientele, a signature look of grace and elan. Each and every piece of our fine jewellery embraces this philosophy to give expression to the enduring emotions of love and passion. It is comprised of exquisite pieces of art jewellery which would remain timeless and capture the magnificence of the universe.

Capturing the romance between diamonds and gold, each piece is creatively designed in jadau setting and beautiful meenakari craftsmanship. Our jewellery is masterfully crafted in twenty-two carat gold, uncut diamond polkis & precious gems and stones like ruby, emerald and sapphires. This collection is a tribute to woman's personality that glitter and sparkle always like a million twinkling starbursts. It leaves an unforgettable impression which is an expression of feminine beauty.

Our collection entails a wide range of fabulously opulent bridal pieces, simplistic pendant sets, distinctive kadas, pretty jhumkis, earrings and everything else that is synonyms with jewellery. What's more, we customize contemporary everyday–wear pieces to fulfill all your jeweled needs. It is the perfect choice of the woman who leaves a stunning impression on everyone around her.

Rodasi's signature style is a reminiscent of the era of the kings and queens. Each piece is a collectible and an heirloom that can be passed on the generation to generation. The past constantly molded into the fashionable new. It is specifically designed according to modern living defining the characteristics of Modern Indian Woman who is stylish and discerning. It is Royal, Elite and a great reminder of India’s Rich Heritage.


Mr. Kumar Kothari & Mrs.Sonal Kothari are the Founder and Creative Director of Rodasi who are passionate and visionary in true sense. Mr. Kumar Kothari always had natural inclination towards jewellery. So, his passion for jewellery and creation turned into profession.

While Mrs. Sonal Kothari ensures high degree of fineness, innovation and new design to our clients all over the world.They are true roots of Rodasi which made Rodasi a successfull and grand company.


Renowned for its very rare craftsmanship and fineness each and very pieces of Rodasi balances traditional heritage with modern twist and beauty of ancient techniques.

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